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Ride To Chikmagalur
Price : 2999
Date : 04/11/2017
Starting Point : Indiranagar, Bangalore
Seats Available : 4
Seats Available : 4
A weekend getaway to Chikmagalur exploring the highest peaks and a spectacular waterfall: Time to tick off your bucket list
RB ride 8 has laid its eyes on a hill-station also known as the trekker’s paradise this time around. The riders will be exploring the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri which is 6316 feet above sea level along with the enthralling scenery offered by the historic pilgrimage center, Baba Budangiri. The summer retreat of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, Kemmangundi which contains mountain streams among lush vegetation and ornamental gardens will be explored too. To have a wholesome experience of the place, the riders will be taken on a forest jeep through the coffee estates to reach the most-loved tourist destination – Hebbe falls. All of this for just ₹ 2999. To know what makes this ride different from the conventional ones, read on!
Ride Itinerary
Start from BangaloreAssemble point in Royal Brothers office near Indiranagar Metro Station at 5:00 AM IST
DestinationChikmagalur (Kemmangundi and Hebbe falls will be covered on the first day. Baba Budangiri and Mullayanagiri will be explored on the next day preferably in the morning)
Ride Kms400 Kms Up Approx.
Ride InclusionStay + Food for 2 days during the ride (5 meals)
Ride Exclusion Fuel and bike (Bikes can be rented from Royal Brothers at 10% off)
Road Taxes if applicable
Any Additional Food & Beverages
Major Ride Maintenance
RB Riding Mandates
  • Ride should be serviced
  • Ride documents should be up to date and carry a copy
  • Fuel up your ride before commencing the RB Ride 8
  • Carry your basic Tool kit and a FIRST AID kit
  • Riders are requested to report at the assemble point 30 minutes prior to ride time
  • Riding gears are mandate along with a good helmet
  • Ride speed is between 70 - 100 km/hr depending on road and weather conditions
  • Ride can be of any make and model
  • Carry rain wear as we might get blessed by Rain GOD
10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the RB ride to Chikmagalur
1. The place is fantastic :
How does scenic hills, covered with green plantation, picturesque views, coffee aroma and scintillating waterfalls amidst lush green place sound like? Too good to be true? Well, we’re fortunate to not just imagine but to actually experience it in Chikmagalur. This place offers stunning experience during winter which makes the chosen ride dates (4th and 5th Nov) apt to explore the place.

2. Guided tour :
Professionals who know the place in and out will be taking you on this trip also taking care of arrangements for stay, food, and itinerary. The captain and sweep will be available to answer your queries and ensure your comfort before and during the trip.

3. You’ll be in safe hands :
Royal Brothers has built a team which will not only provide you bikes for rent but also provide roadside assistance during a vehicle breakdown, suggest tips and tricks to tackle vehicle problems also send a rescue team in case of complete breakdown.

4. You’ll be riding your favorite bike :
To top it all, you’ll be riding on your favorite bike. Be it a one which you own or your dream bike which you can rent from us. We have no restrictions on the kind of bike which you take for the ride. As long as you are comfortable, we are happy too.

5. Campfire and barbeque :
Amidst nature, what better than to set up a campfire and let go of all your worries and enjoy by being in the moment! Adding to that will be a barbeque party where you can also cook your most loved dish to complete the experience by satisfying not just your eyes with the scenic beauty but also your hunger with delicious food.

6. You’ll end up increasing your friend-list :
With the ice-breaking activities which will be arranged, you will know many more people who will share similar likes, love for bike riding, wish to lose themselves to music and explore what mother nature has to offer.

7. Can show off your riding skills :
The terrains will demand some good hold over the bike, ways to efficiently pull it off in the corners and serve as a platform to show off your riding skills.

8. A satisfied smile for making the best out of the weekend :
After waiting for an entire week to relax, refresh your mind, and break the mundane routine, you will be happy with going to a different place; far away from the bustling traffic and honking vehicles by filling your mind with blissful experience, contentment, and peacefulness.

9. Walk away with a bag full of memories and stories to share : The Monday blues will vanish as you’ll have beautiful stories to share with your friends and a gallery filled with photos which you can post for at least a week :P

10. You’ll leave wanting for more :
With our experience in the last 7 rides, we have always faced one tough situation towards the end which is to bid good-bye. The intensity of the pain will be lowered by realizing that we will continue organizing rides and there is a definite opportunity to meet again