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Privacy Policy

Royal Bison Auto Rentals India Pvt Ltd (Brand name-Royal Brothers) Policies

Effective payable hours

We at RB charge the rentals on an hourly basis and the rates per hour are bound to change owing to weekends/public holidays/peak seasons etc. Please check the tariff details on our page for more information. A minimum billing of 10 hours is mandatory on any bike you hire from us. That means, though you rent our bikes for an hour’s time, you will have to pay for 10 hours’ time. Please see below for more clarity on our differential billing method.

Ride Starts Ride Ends Payable Time in hrs. Remarks
Tuesday 1 PM Tuesday 3PM 6 Weekday* rates are applicable
Wed 7 AM Thur 7 am 24 Weekday rates are applicable
Thur 8PM Fri 10 PM 26 Weekday rates for 4 hours of Thursday + Weekend** rates for 22 hours of Friday
Fri 7 AM Sun 7AM 48 Weekend rates are applicable

Weekday* - Monday 12 AM to Thursday 12 PM
Weekend**- Friday 12 AM to Sunday 12 PM

Free Ride Kms

When you book a bike from RB, you will get certain free kilometres ride free which will vary on the booking duration ( higher the booking duration, more free kilometres). If the total kilometres you ride in a day exceeds these free kilometres, a specified rate per kilometre has to be paid for every kilometre thereafter. For example, if you book a RE Classic 350 for one day, the basic rental tariff amounts to Rs 1,237/- (which may vary from time to time) and you will get 240 Kms as free kilometres cap(not including fuel). A nominal charge of Rs 3-6 based on the bike model (which may vary from time to time) will be made for every Kilometre you ride after 240 Kms. This is in addition to the basic rental tariff.

Penalty/violation fee

Penalty for parking the bike in the wrong location:
As per the norms laid by Traffic police authority and in addition membership of such member will be terminated by RB without any prior information.

Penalty for violating traffic/parking rules:

RB strictly insists the rider members wear a ISI certified safety helmet at all times. Not adhering to it will draw an additional penalty from RB in addition to the penalty you pay for the traffic department for not wearing a helmet.

Over speeding:
Member is not supposed to cross a top speed of 90 Kmph for Royal Enfield Motorcycles and 60 Kmph for scooters. Doing so will result in a penalty of INR.500 and the membership will be terminated if it happens for more than 2 times.

Rider liability Policy:

Once you ride out our bikes from our stables, you and only you are solely responsible for the safety of your own life and that of the pillion rider’s (if any). The safety of the vehicle too lies entirely on the rider member. We will make sure that the bikes are faultless and are with no technical issues whatsoever. If you were to violate any form of traffic rules or RB Policy regulations, then the person under whose name the bike is rented out is held wholly responsible. Major violations of rules generally observed are riding under the influence of alcohol, exceeding the speed limits, riding without a helmet, dangerous stunts causing harassment to fellow travellers etc. Please note that RB is strictly against any such violations and we always insist you ride with an ISI certified helmet on at all times. Any damages, losses, fines and penalties derived from such actions are your responsibility and RB does not in any form or level be a party to you or vouch for you. You should also note that such actions will nullify the insurance benefits as well.

Payment Policy:

  • Payments are to be made strictly through credit/debit cards/online money transfer only. We do not accept cash as a mode of payment.
  • The rider has to make sure that the balance in his account is adequate enough to accommodate full payment to RB. Any credit card charges and/or other miscellaneous charges if any are to be borne by the rider himself.
  • If by any chance a rider member fails to make a payment that is due towards RB and tries to default, then RB may charge additional interests/charges for such delays/faults. RB may also extract payments from the defaulters through third party entities and RB may also initiate legal actions under the provisions of the law.
  • RB reserves the right to terminate a booking depending on the circumstances. All payments need to be done in full prior to the ride start, which will be confirmed and authorised through a detailed invoice by RB sent through e-mail or/and SMS.

RB Policy on Accident or any such event

  • In case of an accident or collision, the rider members are accountable to pay a standard amount towards the accident insurance not exceeding Rs.50,000 (which may vary depending on the severity of the damage). The members are bound to pay for the repairs incurred due to damages caused by the collision/accident, which will be deducted from the amount paid as the security deposit (if the repair costs are less than the value of the deposit). If the damage caused arrives at an amount greater than the security deposit itself, then additional charges have to be borne by the member for those damages. In any case, the charges will not exceed Rs 50,000.
  • In the event of a collision, either due to the fault of the rider himself or due to any other unavoidable instance, the costs involved in towing or confiscation of RB bikes are to be borne by the members alone.
  • Any charges or costs amounting due to the failure of the member complying with the laws and/or RB policies shall be entirely borne by the member alone irrespective of the amount payable(The member will be liable for 100% of the entire vehicle damage bill in the event that the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be clearly stated in the accident report). Consequential damage occurs when the member continues riding even after an external vehicle impact, thereby severely undermining the condition of the vehicle).
  • Inactive hours during the breakdown period shall be charged to the rider member same as normal hourly tariff charges for that particular vehicle.

Toll/RTO taxes

  • In most of the government/private maintained state/national highways, they do not charge toll fee for motorcycles. However, if there are any exceptions to this, the rider member has to pay the toll charge involved.
  • RB bikes can be rode anywhere in India as we have the required Permit issued from the government.
  • If any taxes are to be paid before entering a state, the rider himself has to bear the involved cost.

By starting a membership with RB, you agree to all the clauses listed in the agreement and thus by doing so, you agree to pay all the necessary charges or expenses mentioned in the policy which not only includes the total charges payable for bikes rented but also may involve additional charges which will be notified later, specific in nature, if any, as the listed expenditures here is not comprehensive. Royal Brothers entirely reserves the right to modify or change the terms /regulations of this policy periodically owing to changes in the environment, which will be reflected on our website in the registration and booking pages or communicated to our members through emails as and when the changes occur. Please note that during any such changes in the policy, the modified regulations come into effect as soon as the changes are reflected in our agreement on our website or from the date the agreement specifies the “with effect from” clause.